Carolyn Lim

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Below is a selection of my academic design projects and essays.


academic projects & design work

     Instructional Media and Design Projects

  • Making a Teapot & How to Fold a T-Shirt: Integrated instructions project to re-design a set of instructions so that it minimizes the split-attention effect.

  • How to Prepare Spring Rolls: Job aid project to design an appropriate job aid for a particular audience.

  • Guidebook on Photographic Composition: Print design project to design sample pages for a printed instructional material.

  • Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Screen design project to revise an existing instructional website, document its design problems and suggest solutions to fix them.

  • Treasures of Chek Jawa: E-Learning design project to create an educational game on paper and highlight its instructional problems, goals, context of use, design details and intended audience.

     Computer-Based Instructional Program: Developed with Authorware.

  • Frame Your Shot - A self-paced instruction program on shot composition. (available on request)

     Web-Based Tutorial: Designed and developed using Dreamweaver.

     Instructional Design Project: Develop an objectives-based instruction material.

  • Basic Photographic Composition: Studentsí Guide

  • Basic Photographic Composition: Teacherís Guide

academic essays

  • The Use of Blogs in Education and Distance Learning

  • Knowledge Management as a Performance Support Intervention

  • Case Study: Propose a training strategy for a semi-conductor manufacturer[at]