Carolyn Lim







about me

Here is a brief on my academic background, work experience and interests.

academic background

I have a Master in Education in Education Technology from the College of Education (Arizona State University), which is ranked as one of the top ten first tier educational technology programs in the US and Europe. My primary interests are instructional design and e-learning, especially in the areas of design and the use of technology for effective learning. I am constantly discovering and learning about new technologies and updating my technology toolkit. I am also interested in cognitive science research looking at how people learn.


     Relevant Coursework:

  • Educational Evaluation

  • Education Technology and Training

  • Trends in Performance Improvement

  • Distance Education Theory and Practice

  • Instructional Media Design

  • Design and Development of Instruction

  • Development of Computer-Based Instruction

  • Theoretical Views of Learning

  • Foundation and Issues of Education Technology

work experience

Before going to the United States for my postgraduate degree, I was a television producer in Singapore. I have written and produced a variety of documentaries for national broadcast. As an independent producer, I produced training and corporate videos for multi-national companies. Being a corporate producer was a great learning experience as it provided opportunities to work in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia. I enjoy the process of creating ideas for my clients and developing them from script to screen.


other interests

My other passions in life are nature photography and pottery.

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed being outdoors walking in the forests and parks looking at nature designs. I consider myself very fortunate to be in Arizona which is a photographer’s paradise. In the past three years, I have shot in places with temperatures below 5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the desert sand over 110 degrees, and in locales that I used to see and admire in books and magazines. In a way, my photography skills have improved and I couldn’t ask for a more awe-aspiring Southwest backdrop to practise my photography. 

Throwing a pot is an all-absorbing activity which helps me relax and go with the flow. Pottery keeps me balanced and centered. It is always satisfying to see a bowl, plate or vessel taking form from a shapeless lump of clay.[at]